Zusammenfassung / Inhaltsangabe
This book is about a young Indian girl, who has an arranged marriage. At first she is excited and cannot believe her good luck. The boy, called Roop, her parents have chosen for her seems to be modern and open minded. She is sure that they will have a wonderful life together. Her grandmother, called “Nani”, tells her that she can come to her when she has a problem. Their wedding is a big celebration and the young couple like each other. After their marriage Chandra travels out to the desert to live with her family-in-law. But when she arrives Roop, Chandra`s husband is not there, has died. Her mother-in-law beats Chandra, she thinks that she is the reason for Roop`s death. They treat her very badly, she is even locked up in a small dark room. She does not get any food from them and none of her family-in-law speaks to her, only one person does so, Padma. She is also a widow like Chandra and she understands Chandra`s situation and wants to help her. After some time Chandra plans to escape. So one day she manages to steal the keys and some money from her dad-in-law. That night she escapes disguised as a boy to the train station. She has to climb up to the roof of the train. A man called Bhawar helps her to get to the roof. When Chandra arrives in Delhi, her dad doesn’t want to take her back. To stay at her Nani is dangerous too, so she stays with a friend. After some time she flies by plane to England, to her aunty and stays there with them. She arrives in England without problems. Now Chandra is safe from her family-in-law and her own family in India.

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