Before I saw the film “Slumdog millionaire” I heard a lot of interesting things about it and read a good critic in the newspaper. I also knew that it had won some Oscars.

Two of my friends, who had already watched it told me, that I really have to see it because it’s a good one. I saw it in an English theatre with the school, and therefore I couldn’t understand every single word. On the one hand because it was in english, on the other because my neighbours were very loud – but I enjoyed it . My first reaction when I saw it, was that I want to see it it again – and I did, but again in English (with german subtitles).
I think, that it shows the critical position of the indian slums very well, but also with a interesting way of humor.
My favourite scene was the final one near the end of the story, where the show-master told Jamal the wrong answer of the last question. But Jamal, who is a very good expert in human nature felt that he wants to ruin him, and chose the other – right one and won the 20 million rupees. The background music by “AR Rahman’s” was very fascinatig and I liked it, because it was very rhythmical. I liked it so much, that I “bought” it.
With this opinion I am not alone! The film was nominated for the best soundtrack too.
I think the actors, especially Jamal who was played by Dev Patel, played their roles very well.
All in all I think that it is a very interesting film and there should be more like this one.

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