Caritas is the most famous organisation which helps the poor people in Austria and in the whole world.
What might be very interesting is that there are nine different parts of the organisation in Austria. But these parts are independent from the states in Austria (for example: Vienna, Upper Austria, Lower Austria…). These parts are the parts from the “erzdiazöse” and that’s a part of the church. So Caritas is an NGO as well.
There are 162 Caritas organisations in more than 100 different states. But the organisation doesn’t help only the poor people in Austria. Refugees, homeless people, and disabled people are helped too.
Caritas is independent from the government because its an organisation who doesn’t take money from the politicians.
The best way to help the organisation is to spend money.
One of the most important things what the organisation had done was to help the people from the tsunami in 2004.
300.000 people were helped, 6000 houses where build, 4 houses where build for children who had lost there parents and so on…

With 10€ a child in Africa could live nearly 1 month.
It would get books for school and something to eat…

~ try to think what you would buy for 10€…

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