R: Repoter
C: Curie
R: Good evening, my name is Barney. I am so pleased, that you agreed to my invitation!
C: The pleasure is all mine. 
R: Thank you very much, but let's start now. Can you tell me something about your life?
C: Sure. I was born in November 7, 1867 as Maria Sklodowska in Warsaw.
I was the fifth and youngest child of well-known teachers. I lived in Warsaw until I was
24. Then I followed my elder sister Bronisława to study medicine in Paris.
In 1894 Pierre Curie, who I will marry one year later, entered into my life.
Unfortunately he will die only twelve years later in a street accident.
R: I'm so sorry about that.  
C: Thank you very much!
R: No Problem, but let's continue. Why are you so famous, what have you done that everyone knows you so well?
C: That's a good question! Certainly for my researches in physics and chemistry, my inventions, and the prizes I have received. I created a theory of radioactivity techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes, and discovered two new elements, polonium and radium.
Furthermore I was the first woman who was allowed to teach physics at the Sorbonne university.
At the outbreak of WW1, I helped to equip ambulances with x-Ray equipment to heal wounded soldiers.
R: What kind of prizes did you win?  
C: I was the first woman who have been awarded with a nobel prize,
and one of only two persons who have been awarded in two different fields. These where Physic and Chemistry.
Later I was also decorated with the French Legion of Honor. It's a great feeling to receive so considered Prizes like these!
R: That's true! I think that will be enough for my article! Thank you very much for this interesting interview!

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