Example Letter 1

Dear Jack,
Thanks for you email – it was great to hear from you again after all this time. In the last few weeks i worked really hard for my exams but now I have done enough and time for myself again. Im not sure if you have heard – on this saturday at 8.00 is the last performance of „Murder Mystery“ at the Alhambra Theatre. Would you like to come along? The reviews are excellent (e.g. the Daily Times wrote it is a masterpiece) and Valentin and Lukas already agreed to come. They also suggested going to a restaurant afterwards. I think this a great idea. We should go to Giuno´s pizzas. They have delicious italien food and some friends recommended it.
I hope you have free time next saturday – please contact me as soon as you know.
All the best,
Example Letter 2

Dear Pedro,
Thanks for your last email. I could make good use of your suggestions. I have spent my last two months learning for my matura. Now I have passed all my exams and there is finally a little free time left. I would love to see this new movie with Sean Reno. It is about crime and murder – definitely sounds interesting to me!
There are different cinemas which play this film but I would like to go to the Apollo cinema because of the big screen. The movie starts at five in the afternoon on next sunday. Two other friends will come and if you want we can go to a bar afterwards.
I hope you have time for this. Please answer me as soon as possible so I can buy the tickets.
Best wishes,

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