Now I will write a discussion about: " Should a 16-year old girl be allowed to stay after 10 p.m.?" In the following discussion I will write some points for pro and contra.
On the one hand the parents can say that the children safety are granted because the parents know where they children going, with whom they are going out and where they bring back. But one the other hand you can say they can get panic in different situations if they are in a big group perhaps they will be very silly or they friends leave them. So they can not in a safety situation.Yes ok, perhaps it will happen so but that is normal for children in this age and how they can get the how-know to deal with their lives if the parents not allowed to go out after 10 p.m.?But so young children not think about the consequents for their behavior and so it's better not to allowed them all. If parents think so they will get they children to do nothing because it can on every place dangerous. This is right but after 10 p.m. it is more dangerous and the parents can not order they children to stay at the same place all the time because they will have fun and after a time a place will be boring.
But a 16-year old girl can leave school and get a job and so they should know how behave. In spirt of everything the children are not an adult and so the parents must save them or they can get troubels with the law.
I think the parents must know they children whether they can believe at they words are not. So I would say that the parents must decide if they can let they children after 10 p.m. out or not but the parents must look at the law and so I mean that it is better when they will stay after 10p.m. if they are by friends at the home and celebrate a party there.

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