The Testing, written by Joelle Charbonneau, depicts the story of Cia Vale and a group of teens. They’re the candidates of a generation that’s in need of leaders to piece society back together after an apocalyptic war and an assault of natural disasters. The ones that pass “The Testing” will become the future leaders of the world.

Cia Vale is one of the lucky ones that get chosen to participate. She’s eager to pass and to go to university just like her father. What she doesn’t know is that if she fails, she will die. Luckily, Thomas, her childhood best friend, is a candidate as well, but can she trust him?

The first part of the book was very slow-going, because it consists of the participants taking ordinary tests, but once you get past that the story takes a turn and becomes very gripping.

I recommend this book to everyone that loves dystopian novels like The Hunger Games. It’s a real page-turner and you will want to read the sequels as soon as possible.

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